Comic-Con 2018

This years nerdfest was awesome! Check out all our shenanigans at this years con!


Licensing Expo 2018

Viva Las Vegas! The HRO crew headed out to the city that never sleeps to catch all the latest and greatest in the industry. Click below to see more!


Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Ah-bee-ah-bee-ah That's all folks! Take a gander as the HRO squad ventures through the magical wonderland of Warner Brothers!


NY Toy Fair 2018

The big apple! Check out our newest adventure as we ditch the west coast for the east!



Comic-Con 2017

This years Comic-Con was epic! Check out all the cool stuff we laid our eyes on.


D23 Expo 2017

Put you Mickey ears on, cuz we're going to the Disney Expo! Every other year, the industry titan shows off what they plan on releasing in a multitude of genres. Take a gander at what's in store!


Designer Con 2017

As the annual convention for independent artists and designers came to Pasadena, we decided to check out what all the commotion was about. Take a peek!


Funko Studio Visit

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